Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom
Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom  
If you are looking for a Belize Holiday you won't forget, you have come to the right place! We take both cruise ship passengers or those arriving in Belize by land or air, to stay for a few days or longer. Major Tom, Minor Tom, and their fine crew will bring you the holiday experience you are looking for, and much more!

Major Tom and Tom Jr. - making your vacation in Belize a great adventure!
On cruises to Belize, we meet you on shore through TERMINAL ONE with a signboard reading MAJOR TOM AND MINOR TOM, CAVE TUBING". If arriving by air, we can meet you at the airport and offer transfers to hotels, local airlines, or water taxis.  
Tours are in air conditioned cars, vans, or buses, and include leisurely drives through the beautiful Belize countryside. Attractions are between 40 minutes and an hour away from Belize City. Cave tubing is at the SIBUN CAVES BRANCH ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK, which provides visitors with the best opportunities to explore the magnificent cave system there, floating through safely and leisurely, while admiring the fantastic formations both inside and outside the caves. Mayan ruins, wildlife centers, riverboat wildlife tours, green, magnificent tropical primary broadleaf rainforest, nature trails, you name it, we take you there!!

And remember, for those planning extended holidays in Belize, Major Tom, Tom Jr. and their professional guides are destination managers since 1986 - in country and international airline bookings, local water taxi transfers, "meet and greet" service at the airport, hotel/lodge reservations, tour packages including any of the distinations in Belize as well as Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatemala. Choose Belize for your extended stay and go for "see and sea" - land destinations and fabulous island holidays. Ask about our HEART OF THE MAYA package.

Your cave tubing tour will start with a 30 minute hike through well kept and easy to traverse nature trails, which take you through two small dry caves with gorgeous stalactite and stalagmite formations and awesome crystal curtains. The flora of the rainforest is typical of a well preserved tropical broadleaf eco-system, with many famous hardwoods, medicinal plants, and some farming produce such as guava, mamei, pineapple, sugarcane, mango, avocado, and coconut trees.

As you reach the river system of the Sibun Caves Branch, enjoy a cool splash in this undisturbed, unpolluted spring and rain fed waterway which punched a cavernous cave system through the hills of the Sibun Range during the early cretaceous period – over 100 million years ago! But there is more to this system than meets the eye. The advent of the famous Maya Civilization to this area known as Meso-America, meant the use of the caves as an earthly journey through the mythological underworld of the Maya faith – and confrontation with the nine dark lords who governed the nine levels of that world.

As you float down the river, you will experience the wonder of animal and bird-shaped stalactite formations once held sacred by those Mayan shamans, so be sure to bring along a waterproof camera, even a disposable one, with a flash unit.

At the end of your cave tubing journey through this astounding cave system, you will float out into the open, under the canopy of the majestically tall trees lining the riverbanks, until you end up right back where you started walking. This makes for an easy and totally enjoyable circuit, and allows you the opportunity to relax and reflect after your adventure.

Included in your tour: A/C van or bus with cellular phones for constant contact, cold bottled water, all professional cave tubing and safety equipment, highly trained guides, river safety staff, security for personal items, modern bathrooms, park entrance fees, showers and changing rooms provided for you at the site.

Come cave tubing with Major Tom, Minor Tom and their veteran guides!
Belize is the new English speaking nation of Central America, in the heart of the Caribbean Basin. We boast the second longest barrier reef in the world, pristine Caribbean waters, intact primary broadleaf rainforest, famous Mayan Ruins, wildlife centers, hundreds of explored and unexplored cave systems, great highways, and our finest asset – our many cultures, all living in harmony.

With a myriad of intricate cave systems, alluring jungle trails, and spectacular scenery, it is not surprising that the pristine forests of western Belize have fast developed as the region's premier cave tubing and adventure tourism destinations.